Psalm 37:7

"Be still and rest in the LORD;

Wait for Him and patiently lean yourself upon Him."

-Psalm 37:7

Sunday, February 8, 2009

"Bear Cubs Daily" -Sunday Drivers, move over.. And clear outta the Public Bathroom!

Mountains, here we come! Sunday Family Roadtrip..
Yes, Donald is along for the ride.
What we do best on roadtrips..

Roadtrip fun!

It's Sunday morning, we're all trying to climb out of our "cabin fever" haze and want to see some sunshine. So we decide since we're not all feeling 100% that maybe a roadtrip might lift our spirits. So we skip church, shhhhhh. I know, not what I intended, but we didn't want to infect anyone. I have recently discovered "hill country" -love me some hills. So I googled some areas we could drive thru. We ended up covering alot of territory. I fell in love with a town called Fredericksburg -google it! You will see the charm and fall in love too. It's where Germans settled about 150 years ago. If you know about a lovely town called Solvang in California, then you will see what I see when I say it reminds me of Solvang. Lots of rustic charm. We found some great places to stay like B&B's and cottage like places and then there are the cabin type places to stay at. This might be a great new getaway place for us. There are many little areas that surround it, we briefly drove thru Austin and San Antonio, so that tells you how much we covered in one day.

I heart Texas.

PS: I must share our story of where we are on potty training.. We are very successful in that we are now taking long roadtrips with a little one who is in pannies and no diaper anymore. We are accompanied by a potty seat. Yes, my little traveler has big girl pottied in a Starbuckets bathroom and a Dairy Queen Bee restroom. Was the first time an experience I will remember? Yes, let me explain... We put the seat on the potty and..

Sister bear says, "I need toilet paper" (you know as a potty protector?)

I mention that her seat is the potty protector, it's like being at home.

Sister bear insists, "NO, TOI-let paper!"

ok, I tear a few pieces off to appease, I understand, we're not really at home and she wants to do what she sees mommy do in public restrooms.

So she succeeds with pottying in the big potty, I am so proud of her, this is a BIG STEP in our potty training process.

So we reward her with a bite of chocolate chip cookie -I know, we said, no M&M's or candy, but this was a roadtrip (in a whispering voice: you know? special--occassion)

so now, being the OCD-germ-a-phobe-clean-freak that I am, now I am thinking, we must clean this potty seat, for gosh sakes, we're in a public restroom, gross!!!!! I was previously blinded by the triumphant moment and milestone of my precious child. But now, we're back to the real world of WE'RE IN A PUBLIC RESTROOM! So I take the potty and run it thru HOT water in the sink, water is splashing everywhere, because the seat has a guard for little boys, so it's basically a water shooter now! So I am hosing the floor down and my pants are involved too and getting very wet.

Sister bear is looking at me like, "what the heck are you doing, mom?"

I keep washing, and quickly, no time to stop, we are carrying major germs here, it has to be removed as soon as possible. Now I am adding soap to the seat and it's starting to make bubbles, because it's spraying a light stream of water, because of that darn potty guard. Sister bear wants out of the bathroom, but I am trying my hardest to stop hosing down the bathroom, along with major paper towels all over the floor -soaking up the very wet floor. I try and keep her from unlocking the door, because I have to still use the restroom. Did I mention my nose started to bleed? Ya, what are the chances? Dry season. Who knew, whatever! I am dripping blood on my pants and on the floor. I had to shove toilet paper in my nose, another reason I was absolute about Sister bear NOT opening the bathroom door.

Sister bear looks at me like, "I didn't pay enough for this circus act".

We made it out, free and clear with our sparkling clean potty seat (wrapped in Sisiter bear's backup coat, we don't want everyone to see our potty seat -we have a little pride left). We left the bathroom floor dry enough and Mom's pants will dry -eventually.

Our stop at the Dairy Queen Bee was a less messy experience, it had it's challenges. I'll spare you the details. We're getting better at this. Everything takes time, you know? We like to travel, so does our potty.

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