Psalm 37:7

"Be still and rest in the LORD;

Wait for Him and patiently lean yourself upon Him."

-Psalm 37:7

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"Is the witch-sh gone?"

So Sister bear wakes this morning and cuddles up to me in her sweet way that just always makes my mornings just right. This is how our conversation went.....

Sister bear: "Mama?"

Mama: "Yes, baby?"

Sister bear: "I don't want that witch-sh in back of me."

Mama: "A witch?"

Sister bear: "Ya.. she was chasing me!"

Mama: "Ok, did you have a bad dream last night?"

Sister bear: (slowly and barely getting her words out and still trying to wrap her little mind around what she remembers, then says in her sleepiest and sweetest voice) "Ah-Huh-uh"

Mama: "That's ok, baby, Mama's here and it's all over (I'm hugging her and making it all better), bad dreams are just make believe and they aren't real. The good thing is you get to wake up and see Mama!"

Sister bear: "The witch-sh (that's what she calls her) I don't like her. She has a purple hat!"

Mama: "Oh?" (thinking, this is starting to sound like an interesting dream, she's remembering the wardrobe and the color, I like this! Let me remind you, this is the first time she is remembering one of her dreams and sharing the details -sorry for the lengthy commentary, I'm just excited over this, that's all!)

Sister bear: "She's gone?"

Mama: "Yes, baby, she left and she wasn't really ever here, remember, dreams -good and bad, are just make believe. They aren't real. You just see them while you're sleeping. It's like reading a book or watching TV, while you sleep."

Sister bear: "Where did she go?"

Mama: "Probably back to her home."

Sister bear: "She had a red cate!"

Mama: "Oh! Wow! A red cape, huh?"

Sister bear: "Ah-huh!"

Mama: "Wow! She's got quite an outfit on, I like it! Good color choices. Well this witch really knows how to dress pretty! Doesn't she?"

Sister bear: (her face lights up! and she smiles) "Yes.. uh.. did she leave?"

Mama: "Yup, on her broom (trying to make light of it by being silly), she won't be back. Remember, she was never really here, it was just a bad dream. Tonight, we are going to make sure to read a few extra happy stories before bed and say our prayers so NO MORE BAD DREAMS!" (tickling her)

Sister bear: (laughing and still a little uncertain and possibly wondering if that fashionista of a witch, really left our house)

Later in the day, she shared her "Bad Dream" again, with our Family Helper. This bad dream hung around a bit longer than most. I have a feeling, this might happen again. I'm prepared. Ready to journal them. I'm finding this very sweet. I have very vivid dreams myself and can tell you a story about them play-by-play. Papa bear has retired his listening ear (it used to be a morning ritual, "Oh MY gosh, I had this dream last night....") After a while, he actually had to leave the room, they were so long, abstract and detailed that he wasn't sure when they would end. God love him, he has sat through many many of those.

I'm prepared to take the torch and be the listening ear to Sister bear and her colorful little dreams.

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