Psalm 37:7

"Be still and rest in the LORD;

Wait for Him and patiently lean yourself upon Him."

-Psalm 37:7

Friday, March 6, 2009

"Bear Cubs Daily" -Hello House, it's me, Mama Bear -nice to meet you.

I have been in denial for the past few weeks that my house needs some attention. Unlike a child who dances and sings loudly in front of you, my home remained on the quieter side. I knew that everytime I looked my living room in the eye, it gave me those sad puppy dog eyes of abandonment. But I kept packing my bags and gathering the cubs and getting the "HEE HAW" outta here.

We have much more fun places to be than at home, cleaning, mind you. Remember a few weeks back? Yep, we still remember the feeling of having "cabin fever". Yikes!

So every chance we get, we find somewhere else to be but home. My home started to feel as though we were strangers, I don't like that feeling, but it still didn't stop me from leaving sounds of screeching tires as I exit out of my driveway. I've realized the more I am present with my children and involved as much as possible, the better we all feel and the happier our family is. No sleep required. J/K! It's one thing I am lacking these days and I'm accepting it. Not sure how nice I am to always be around. Yes, I'm saying it, "I'm Grumpy Mama!"

My house is not going anywhere, we have plenty of time to see each other, face to face of (when I am on my hands and knees, wiping the floors). Time with my children is very valuable as I weigh it all out, plus, I cannot get any of it back. So instead of worrying so much about the crevices of my home and the spic and span cleanliness of my floors, which my children are most likely not going to remember "how clean our house was..." anyway -but our experiences, attention and nurture they're getting seems to outweigh the odds.

Don't worry, my house will get cleaned. I'm just learning that it's ok that my laundry piles just like yours and my floors get dirty just like yours and the list can go on and on, BUT there is so much to show your kids, mainly, your attention. SO, see my house did get clean afterall and it didn't take me stressing over it and shoving my kids in front of the TV so I could do it. Don't get me wrong, mommies out there, my children like the tube every now and then just like the next kid. It's just watched less and less and some days not at all, because we are getting out more and more. So sorry little house, I love you, but I love being with my little cubs just a little bit more.

This was my reward to myself when it was all done.
mmmmm, the smell of a fresh brewing pot of hot coffee.
-hits the spot!
Life IS good.

We had some friends over for the afternoon and that was worth the hard work of cleaning up just a little. An even better reward to ourselves, good times with good friends. SO, "Let the good times roll.. ."
Puppy Love.
Big Sissy watching out for us.

See? Even the "Circle of Neglect" is lonely without a baby to hold. They have better things to do with their time. Commune with each other and create lovely memories.

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