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"Be still and rest in the LORD;

Wait for Him and patiently lean yourself upon Him."

-Psalm 37:7

Thursday, February 19, 2009

"Thanksgiving Thursdays" -Avocados. They're not just for guacamole, you know!

Tonight, I took the little ones to the bookstore. We've been boarded up in our treehouse for several weeks on end. It's not a bad place to be, but who wants to be forced to be stuck somewhere and be sick on top of it. Not me! Well, we're feeling a whole lot better and we're making up for lost time. We had a playdate yesterday and met some new friends on top of that -not too shabby.

So I promised Sister bear that we would go to the bookstore and read, play with kids and maybe buy a few books. WE LOVE TO COLLECT BOOKS! We're junkies for a few things, books and jammies, just to name a couple! We were not in our jammies, I promise you. Although, what a fun idea. Did I ever mention that I can turn any idea into a party? Like here's the thought that evolved into a party just 24 seconds ago. Sister bear's next birthday party can be a "Book Party in your PJ's!" And here's how it goes.......

Everyone at the party comes dressed in their favorite jammies (PJ's) and brings a stack of their favorite books, or just one, I always go overboard. This could or could not be a slumber party since she is still young and we remember our last sleepover and only sleepover, mind you. So maybe this is another one of my fantastic ideas built around make believe; Daytime-Pretend-Sleepover! Ok, lets start over, we all wear our jammies, bring our favorite book, and sleeping bags (for the feel of being at a slumber party/props) and we pop popcorn and hand out brushes, curlers, hair accessories, etc and have lots of movies on hand and go thru the whole slumber party scenario, but no one has to ever really go to sleep which is a good thing, you know how the little ones have a tough time with going to sleep, they end up staying up all night long, laughing, squealing, getting into no good trouble and the parents have to yell from the bedroom,

"SHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! KEEP IT DOWN OUT THERE!" -about 400 times. Threaten to call parents to come and pick up their kids. It could get CRAZY!

So I am loving this idea, it could really happen. I have almost a year to plan it and get all the kinks out. Create it, recreate it a few times over.

Hmmmmm.. a daytime, sleepless, no spending the night, chaotic -but FUN chaotic, Slumber Party! This could work! But, they have to bring a book, so instead of the typical GHOST STORIES told at night, which we won't have the night time and that's good, we don't want to scare the children

-but bringing some reading material into the mix is a good thing. It will get the little ones involved -you know how I love to commune people together and get people involved. They will try something new, another idea of mine that gets people thinking outside the box -but not too out there. Keep it simple, but different. Ok, I am going to start the planning process. Another thing I love about this idea is Sister bear has friends that are boys and it;s not appropriate to have boys at a girls sleepover, but they could technically come to a "Pretend-Sleepover-Bring your favorite book-Party". I may have to merge some more ideas. More coming to mind. I'll let you know how things turn out.

So back to "Thanksgiving Thursday" -what am I thankful for this week? What a long way around the mountain, sorry. I get sidetracked with incoming ideas. If I don't jot them down now, they will get lost.

Ok, so what am I thankful for?

Well, avocados, for one -they are so healthy and good for you, but absolutely delish and versatile on how you can eat them. Here's the thing about avocados and what amazingly simple things you can do with them to change it up a bit:

  • Just cut one in half, remove the pit, slice it up how ever you want and put in a bowl and splash some soy sauce, throw on some toasted sesame seeds and call it a meal. It will remind you of sushi, but without the fish and the high price of sushi.

  • Take some toasted seaweed paper and lay it out onto a plate, slice up a whole avocado and lay it into the seaweed paper and lightly drizzle on some soy sauce and fold it like a hand roll or put some soy sauce into a little bowl and dip the wrap of seaweed and avocado. You can add the sesame seeds like above if you want. It's your meal, do what you like.

  • Guacamole is always an option. Here's a tip on how to stretch your avocado and have more to eat, ready? Take a couple tablespoons of sour cream! It makes it taste smoother and creamier, go figure. Don't forget your lime juice, on top and bottom, to preserve freshness if you are not going to finish all in one sitting.

  • Hungry for salad? Take your favorite kind of lettuce and throw it into a bowl, cut up an avocado OR two and just mush it into the lettuce, add some shredded mozzarella cheese, black olives and some shredded carrots or whatever else you like and just splash on your olive oil and vinegar (together at once like you are bartending) and toss and eat! The avocado with the olive oil and vinegar, transfer into, thee perfect homemade salad dressing. You have texture and amazing taste, blended just right. MMMMmmm, a meal you'll make many times over, or at least crave.

Ok, I am sleepy and I am not even sure if this post has a rhyme or reason. I just went with it, so my apologies if your brain or eyes hurt after reading it, IF you made it this far in the post. I will post a random photo in the middle to break up the... not sure what it's breaking up. Ok, going to end this one now. Please come back, I am allowed to have an off day.


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