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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


22 Different Chinese Baby Formula Makers Product Found Contaminated with Melamine

September 16th, 2008

Melamine, the industrial chemical infamous for the pet food poisoning issue in the USA last year has reared its ugly head again – this time striking China’s most vulnerable citizens in baby formula.

The Chinese government announced the dangerous chemical was found in 22 different producer’s baby formula, including some of their largest, most famous food producers. The surprising degree of wide-spread contamination, even from what are locally considered safe producers, is alarming.

This latest poisoning issue became apparent when dozens of infants had to be treated for kidney stones, which are very rare in young babies. Chinese officials are preparing for a huge increase in the ongoing health needs of the many children that consumed this poison.

Safety concerns are common in China’s very rapidly growing dairy industry. Revenue has grown to nearly $3.5 billion dollars, up nearly 200% from 2003.

There is no evidence that the tainted formula has been exported to America at this point, though supermarkets in places like Hong Kong have been recalling unsafe formula. However, one should always look at the label of food products to make sure they are from countries known to be safe. This writer was surprised to see apple crisp and soy bean snacks in Costco from China, particularly in that the USA produces so many apples and soy beans. No one is checking imported food safety of this type of product at American ports or border stations.

Todd Lipscomb

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i couldn't help but leave a response, anyone that knows me, knows this just fumes me to no end.
mama bear Says:

why would anyone, with all the knowledge we have of china infecting this country… would you buy anything that said “made in china”? it’s alarming to me that people are not boycotting this more on a personal level. just plain and simple, don’t buy the merchandise, food, etc…. i don’t allow anything from china in my home, i don’t care where it came from or how much money was spent on it. it’s shameful and disturbing. sorry for the rant, it just fumes me especially when innocent children are the latest target.

Please friends, family and unknown readers: take some action, i know it takes some time to find things made in america or places other than china. isn't it worth your precious time to stop this nonsense?

i took my bear cubs to the toy store for the first time last week (for obvious reasons) and do you know that not only did i ask, " where are your toys not made in china?"... two separate responses from the sales ladies, "all toys are made in china now". i refuse to settle for that, i kept looking and let them know which toys they had for sale that were made in places like italy and germany. yes, it took time, but it was well worth it, they learned what they had to offer a concerned mother with children who wants to still be able to safely buy her kids a toy now and then.

are we that lazy that we don't care anymore? is life that fast paced that we can't slow down and read a few labels? i don't think so, we've got to be more aware and action oriented. would you let some stranger come into your house and just start making unhealthy dinner for your family as they are telling you "i'm feeding you guys rat poison, it's ok, isn't it?" so why are we still allowing strangers in china to continue to infect our households with all these alarming products? there is a reason why all the stuff made in china is cheaper in cost, so the general public can afford it. spend a little more $ or just time, you'll see the quality in your purchases. usually anything from china falls apart, so you end up spending more money on replacing items than just enjoying their longevity and peace of mind that they aren't lead laidened. buy second hand "usa made", stuff was made better and is still around to prove it.

ok, off to do some more sifting and tossing out more "MADE IN CHINA" crap! i love cleaning out the clutter!

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