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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Barbie Supports Menu Labeling!

Urge McDonald's to Stop Opposing Menu Labeling

Barbie Takes On Menu Labeling

Brochures...Fast Food's Answer to Obesity!

Why Menu Labeling is Important

Subway and other chains have added calorie information to their menu boards in New York City. See menus with nutrition information.

Subway menu board
Photo of menu board inside a New York City Subway restaurant, 2008.

Though Americans eat out more than ever before, few restaurants provide nutrition information at the point of ordering. As a result, we often get more calories, fat, and salt than we realize. Without clear, easy-to-use nutrition information at the point of ordering, it’s difficult to make informed choices at restaurants. Few people would guess that a small milkshake has more calories than a Big Mac or that a tuna sandwich from a typical deli contains twice as many calories as the roast beef with mustard.

More than twenty states and localities are considering policies that would require fast-food and other chain restaurants to provide calories and other nutrition information on menus and menu boards—four have already passed policies.

For help implementing a menu labeling policy in your area or for more information, contact us at:

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