Psalm 37:7

"Be still and rest in the LORD;

Wait for Him and patiently lean yourself upon Him."

-Psalm 37:7

Friday, January 25, 2013

I said, "I'm blogging again." I feel more like a fisherman..

You know how a fisherman goes out in high hopes of catching a fish or 10. I'm cool with just one reader. I know it's been too long, so I'm willing to talk to myself for a while. Here's to blogging fishing! ><> 

My thoughts and moments of the week at-a-glance..

Ole Lady Katie has a rough life. 
(my mother-in-law's doggie)

Treadmill and the Food Network... They go hand in hand. 
(Sorry for the blur, but I'm exercising!)
Can you guess who I'm watching?

"Real California Milk" commercials are still the best! 
I've always loved my cows.

Funny true story...

Ever have outsourced tech support help with HP or the like companies?

Today, I was helping my mother-in-law w/some computer & printer issues and it led us to a 2 hour call w/HP's tech support, his name was Souvick (sp?) 

Anyway, she was on the call the 1st hour and I relieved her the 2nd hour, we needed the sanity support, so giggling was definitely involved. 

She happens to have an iphone and that's what we were on. When she handed me the phone for my hour of technical fun overseas.. I couldn't help but take a glance at the fun features she has. I keep it simple and have a blackberry. (I also know the dangers of having an iphone..for me, personally) When I saw the "Face Time" button, I said to her, "I'd love to have an iphone so I could "Face Time" all my family and friends. It would be fun too, for the cubs!" Well, by accident, I hit "face time" and ole Souvick..

And I had a quick "face time".. I couldn't return to the normal screen fast enough and my mother-in-law and I could NOT stop laughing! He was trying to walk me thru the next step (428th step) and I could not keep my composure. 

At the end of the call, 
as he had successfully helped us w/our issue, Souvick said, "Meryl 
(name changed to keep blogging fun at the Treehouse), thank you SO much for all your hard work!" I thanked HIM wholeheartedly, and he replied with, "Well, Meryl, I'd LOVE to see your big smile!" 

I was hoping, he was just being nice and never saw me during my 10 second "Face Time"! 

BTW, Meryl's my mother-in-law's name, not mine. Which made it even funnier. We laughed and laughed!

...And continued to laugh again about it at dinner.

Tonight was a girls night out; Nana, Mama & Sister Bear! (boys are @ the farm!)

Nana suggested a fun hot dog joint that has a million different kinds of hot dogs -Sister Bear said, "No, I don't like hot dogs."

Meanwhile, as we're getting ready, she says, "Let's have Mexican...I want a mexicandia!!" (still not sure what a "mexicandia" is)

We ended up at a lovely & delicious Mexican restaurant...

Sister Bear ordered a corndog!

Pot roast tonight! Nothing better on a cold day, than to smell the fragrance of dinner...simmering all day in the crock pot ♥ Mmmm.

Being suspicious causes inner torment and we imagine things that either aren't true or will probably never happen. -Joyce Meyer

Time for a Well Check-up! And a new kind.

Sister Bear and as she calls it, "my bowl of ice cream world". She's my lil bowl of ice cream world!

Mama's: Fruit Punch Sorbet with Mochi! Yum and YUM!!

A wintergreen tic tac = An astronaut's version of a lingering sip of rootbeer. 
Bonus.. Fresh breath. Per Sister Bear, en route to the country (had to make a stop for tic tacs and such).

Brother Bear misses the girls! Country, here we come.. And we come bearing Pot Roast

I think Brother Bear grew up over night! So good to be together

Goodnight. And happy fishing!

PS: I'm not your typical blogger... I'm more of a documentor (is that a word?) who likes to share. Growing up, I talked my sister to sleep. I'm a story teller with or without an audience :) she helped me be comfortable with that.

Mama Bearfish

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