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-Psalm 37:7

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Over 20 Ideas for $5 Fun (Good reading material for you Moms)

Over 20 Ideas for $5 Fun
 (REPOST from a blog I just started reading..Check it out Mamas! Great, Funtastic ideas!)
You know how I love lists!

Mama Mia:

1. Try a new lip gloss

2. Buy a bright colored scarf to wear with your comfy jeans & t

3. Pick a new magazine to read

4. Buy some pretty yarn…start a new hobby

With the Kids:

1. Have a picnic…cookies & juice. Or pb&j sandwiches.

2. Give them each a little money at the thrift store to pick books. Then host a storytime in the living room at home.

3. Take $5 to a craft store like Hobby Lobby or Michael’s and let them pick supplies. Get creative. The end result matters less than the fun of the process.

4. Buy a loaf of bread and take it to the parks to feed the ducks

5. Make cupcakes

6. Teach generosity – give/tip/donate it

Family time:

1. Make your own pizza on pizza night instead of ordering in

2. $1 for a movie at redbox and some popcorn makes for a fun and inexpensive family night

3. Head to a local ice cream shop and split a big sundae. Everyone grab a spoon.

4. Start a family journal – everyone can add to it and share thoughts and moments

5. Start a garden from seed packets

6. Go for coffee. Skip the latte, get a muffin for the kids

Thrifty home deco:

1. Makeover a table - new knobs & a small can of paint

2. Print some photos – send photos to shutterfly and pick them up at a local walgreens in an hour

3. Buy candles - an inexpensive way to add a little ambience to the home

4. Paint some terracotta pots with chalkboard paint for easy labeling. plant herbs in them.

5. Use mason jars for instant inexpensive decor and function

Everyday life:

1. File folders so you can stop procrastinating on those piles of bills, etc…

2. Sticky notes for posting scriptures, quotes, and love notes all over the house

3. A box of various cards….write some simple little notes to mail out and brighten someone’s day!

Have fun, be creative, enjoy the outdoors, make the most of what you have. Enjoy your time and think of all the things you can do for little money.

This was found while reading over at:
"Domestically Divine Divas"


Julie @ Domestically Divine Divas said...

Thank you for reading our blog! We're so glad you enjoyed it.
Let me know if you try the pumpkin butter. My family loves it!
I'm getting ready to try a pumpkin latte recipe in the morning :)

Mama Bear... .. . said...

you're welcome!

i will let you know on the pumpkin butter. i think i'm going to starbuckets for a punkin latte! thanks for the idea. maybe one day i'll brave it and learn to make my own.

glad to have come across your blog!

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