Psalm 37:7

"Be still and rest in the LORD;

Wait for Him and patiently lean yourself upon Him."

-Psalm 37:7

Monday, October 4, 2010

Our TWO Day "Winter Garden Festival Wonderland"....and the journey home.

While Papa Bear had to work a booth at the festival this past weekend in a great lil town we have never been to before..we made it a family-fun-filled-weekend, absolutely full of music, food, cotton candy, bounce house, snow cones, bubbles, ice cream, food, music, arts & crafts, food, bring-your-dog, music, people watching, food, family, choo choo's, BBQ! For two whole days! We even made it to church on Sunday morning, which was just a blessing in itself.

Day One:

"Ohhhhhhhh, the Bounce House!" The fun starts here....

Games and Prizes!

A ride with "Sandy" for $ .25

The yummiest Ice Cream..... and even Papa Bear got to join us for some.
(I love ice cream parlors)

Our famous.."We-Take-It-Ourselves-Family-Photo".

Arts and Crafts are just awesome when the little ones are wanting to buy something and we've just eaten ice cream, snow cones and BBQ and I don't want to say "No" how about, "Crafts, kids?" -Yay for Crafts!

(wanna bring this photo to life? video below)

And Sister bear had a "blast!" (her words) making this little trinket box.
She has big plans to fill it up..

If you know me well, you know how much I love to photograph water towers!

Isn't this just gorgeous, it sparkled from the sunlight at the perfect time of day.

Little guy, just fell asleep sitting up and hugging his lemonade. So Sister Bear and I decided it was a perfect time to go and find the Cotton Candy!

We must make a few stops along the way...Choo Choo! This was a mini museum, we would have stopped, but we were too excited for the Cotton Candy!!

We found out that if you own a deep freeze (we do!) this Cotton Candy will last indefinitely! Guess where this bag of Cotton Candy is right now? Yep, in our freezer! I think I'm the only one who remembers it's there.

(wanna bring this moment to life? me below)

This is a booth FULL of plastic blow up friends for the little ones. Sister Bear b e e e e e g g e d me ALL day for one (especially when we passed by it), and the answer each time, was still No! She kept forgetting ALL the things we were enjoying from ice cream to snow cones to jumping in the bounce house to making crafts and the list goes on........the end of the day, I was still being asked about having one, "Pleeeeease, oh pleeeeeeease". We went to sleep this night making a verbal list of ALL the things we did and ate and enjoyed. She soon realized what a fun day she had, and was ever so thankful and knew that the next day it would be off limits to mention the word..b-a-l-l-o-o-n. So here's a photo, we'll have it forever!

She really wants a bike for her "5th" Birthday, so she's been trying them out like a pro.

(the wheels actually move! watch below)

YUM..BBQ! from a place called "Harry & Larry's" -it was the best brisket!

Then we had a smoothie from this place after we were offered a FREE sample.

The music at the festival was a nice blend of culture and talent, this gentleman and his wife shared both. They sang a song we once heard on one of our favorite kids shows, "Gullah Gullah Island". Sister Bear had a smile on her face when she heard it.

And then it was back to the Bouce House to shake things up!

(the best fun $2..$4 I've spent in a while, watch for FREE below!)  

(Choo Choo........Brother Bear could play this lil video below ALL day long if I let him.)

(his face is just....precious.)

Day Two:

It was a very pet friendly festival, so we decided to bring ours.......

Piggy Sue wasn't sure where she was going, so a look of concern is understandable, once she arrived, she felt the love... And Sister Bear shared the joy of walking her through, so proud to be her owner. She watched people all day yesterday walk around with their pups and thought about bringing hers the next day. She couldn't wait!

It seemed that everywhere you looked, there was a very friendly dog meeting a very new friendly child. Here's a glimpse for Pearl's moment, our "Little Lady". I can't decide who had the bigger smile, the children or Pearl. It was very sweet.

We hung out in the shade to enjoy the oldies being played "live" before Papa Bear had to go and work at his booth......

Sometimes, this beats a stroller ride.

Sister Bear caught some bubbles while she scoped out where the "Snow Cone" booth was! Luckily it sat right across the way from Papa's booth.

Our flavor choice today? COTTON CANDY!

I found this "beautiful and sweet" little mural in a bathroom we used in a Bed and Breakfast, that did not carry the same description when you took a deep breath. 

Couldn't get enough of that Bounce House!

Where is Sister Bear, you ask? She's in the Bounce House across the way, we never saw her until she was done bouncing and sliding down the big slide!

These trees were all over this little town, so gorgeous and full! I only uploaded one, because you know I have many.........Enjoy!

Brother Bear didn't want to leave, I don't blame him. It was two whole days of just family fun! I kinda fell in love with this lil town and know we'll be back. We made some great new friends at the booth. Went to church with them and heard a great message. God always confirms His work. We seem to find new blessings each day.

On our journey home, we made our famous "Starbuckets" stop. I enjoyed a cup of coffee. Hadn't done that in a while. Sister Bear and I got some brief "Mama-Sister Time" while Papa Bear and Brother Bear got some time with the pup outdoors. It was a beautiful sunny day with enough breeze to breathe in some fresh air. We actually had our windows down and the air conditioner off. (that's rare in Florida) So we ventured off the beaten path for future camping spots!

Did I mention we took the scenic route along the coast? Ahhhhhhh.. .. ... . 

We always end up having silly conversations along the way! This is the tail end of our trip where Brother bear is concerned about if we lose our fish, Midnight Sky. We'd apparently replace him right away by taking a quick trip to Wally World! (enjoy this lil video) 

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