Psalm 37:7

"Be still and rest in the LORD;

Wait for Him and patiently lean yourself upon Him."

-Psalm 37:7

Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer Break!

I know, I know... Again? As if I haven't had a long enough break. I got a bit antsy when Spring Break hit and then it was a bit contageous so I've kinda let my hair down a bit and it feels good. Not so tied down to anything in particular. I don't know about you, but I could at times, feel a bit of anxiety if I don't write here at the Treehouse. So instead of feeling the pressure, I just ran.. and haven't looked back too much.

So what is happening? Um, well, the weather has been on the heated side and that usually makes me want to hibernate. BUT not so much this year. We took a roadtrip to Florida to visit my sister and see some good friends. It was a vacation we needed, it fed my soul a bit and the kids just loved it. It had been wayyyy too long since I had seen my sister. Oh, did we enjoy our time together. I realized by taking this trip, that I had taken the amazing accessibility and the gorgeous color of the waters there for granted. We did spend alot of time outdoors, so unlike me in the summer months. I gained a whole new perspective and it felt good. The warmth of the sun mixed with the humidity. Again, who am I in saying all this? It's true though. AND, coming back home to Texas, I can now appreciate the warm weather here now. Not trading one for the other, they both have their upside.

I've really learned that it's truly important to stay in the now and be very present. A friend asked me while I was in Florida, "I bet you get good Mexican food in Texas, would you miss it if you ever moved away?" I told her, "No, I wouldn't at all. I've actually learned to appreciate the place I am at and enjoy whatever types of good food they have and not take anything or anyone for granted. Being a delayed reaction (that's me most of the time), I will miss whatever I am doing, later, so why not start enjoying it while I'm doing it?" It made so much more sense when I vocalized it. So that's been my new perspective on life. My children and husband will benefit greatly from this. I can already feel a sense of peace inside and I guess it's always going to be a work in progress. I just hope it's contageous, so others out there can feel it too.

Life is very short, no sense missing out on some good times because you're too busy looking forward or falling back to search out what you already have. Stay connected with yourself and your loved ones.

I know that I'm going to still get that nudge from myself to visit my blog more often than I have. Write down a few thoughts every now and then. SO I'm making a promise to include you more on the journey. Even if it's just A word or photo.

SO those were my words and I've also left you with a new photo........... keep reading...

My front door has a new Summerish look.. Backyard Family Portrait. It was taken yesterday after Papa bear came home from a long fishing trip with his friend and business partner. They did not disappoint as you can see. Red Snapper is one of my favorite kind of fish to pan fry!

So take off your shoes, run around barefoot and make sure you are enjoying where you are right now. You may have been some where better or know you're going to be somewhere better in your future... BUT right now is happening right now, don't take it for granted, your future memory of it might beg to differ.


Anonymous said...

About time you started writing again

nice to hear from you linda said...

its true - we really should be enjoyoing our lives!! cool photo!! i bet it tasted great :-)

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