Psalm 37:7

"Be still and rest in the LORD;

Wait for Him and patiently lean yourself upon Him."

-Psalm 37:7

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Bear Cubs Daily" -Blast from the Past!

so the other day we decided to stop by a thrift store and do some wandering -needed a few things. well let me just say that when i walk into a place like target or the other big stores, i pretty much know what to expect. i don't mean i have their inventory list in my back pocket or anything, i just know the jist of the store -nothing pops out at you, like, "WOW, haven't seen that since the 70's or the 80's!" unless it's another customer or passerby. so anyway, we open the doors and this music begins to play........ not really, but in my mind, it does.

i instantly see, stuff, great rows of stuff; clothes, toys, shoes, home decor, you name it. all of it unique and no two are alike. i love this feeling! so we push on in thru the doors. yes, sometimes i stand at the door, stunned and not sure if i'm invited in. but once i'm in, who knows when i'm coming out. sometimes, i wonder am i looking for what i need? or am i just in "blast from the past" heaven? then i start looking at the price stickers, no tags involved, it's all about the classic sticker with the type written amount, like, $.49 -what? where do you find prices like this? well, maybe at a garage sale.

the lovely thing about this, is, sister bear LOVES going to places like this. i know, what kid doesn't like to go where things can possibly be bought? but there is a certain glimmer in her eye when she is at a second hand store.

what did we find, you ask? here, i'll show you:
since we are a family that loves music and noise and lots of it, we stumbled upom a drum and xylophone! all they need is a good scrub with soap and water. as sister bear likes to say,
"they are good as new!"
not much money spent here but the memories we'll create with these precious toys are priceless.
what? are you stumped on what this pile is all about? well, this would be my kids "grow into" clothes. all they need is a good run thru the wash and they are, say it together with me, "GOOD AS NEW!" and no other child will be dressed like mine. not that i mind when i see a cute shirt or dress on another kid that sister or brother bear own too -we just like individuality. more importantly, we LOVE to recycle!
we had a great intimate time, not shopping, i like to say sensibly gathering items for our household and we helped the environment at the same time. buy yourself a box of borax for that deep cleaning you may like when buying second hand.
now go, gather some old clothes out of your closets and drawers that you haven't worn in the last year and drop it off at a local thrift store or shelter. someone can use them and needs them more than you do.

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