Psalm 37:7

"Be still and rest in the LORD;

Wait for Him and patiently lean yourself upon Him."

-Psalm 37:7

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

sleepy thoughts. halloween. travels. more candy, please!

could sleep if i wanted to, but too much on my mind.

been in oklahoma for about a week now and having a fantastic time. we've been to the zoo, cowboy museum, clydesdale express, rodeo opry, library and more. just had to name a few.

sister bear has been enjoying most days just playing outside in nana's backyard with the dogs, her imagination and chasing butterflies. this makes mama bear smile inside and out.

brother bear always has a grin on his little face, he is officially now 7 months -this past 30th. we celebrated halloween at the zoo, here in oklahoma city. it's the biggest event for kids on oct 31st each year. so we had to be apart of it. we also had a pre-halloween moment at the harn farm the day prior. sister bear and i took "her" first hay ride and she trick-or-treated around to each house/building they had arranged and gathered her first bag of candy. she had a bite or two once she got to the car and i had forgotten about the bag being in her possession. oops! for a mother who NEVER gives her kid candy or sugary things for that matter.. well, i guess i felt like this was a special occasion. thee night of halloween i decided in the moment as we trick-or-treated all over the zoo, with not only her orange pumpkin candy filled bucket -but nana and i had our own bags that the zoo so nicely gave us to fill...... and we did! i decide that one day a year, on halloween night, sister bear can pig out to her heart's desire on all the candy she wants to. so she did, eating all sorts of chocolate (her fave by the way). when we got home, she got in bed and said, "mama, my tummy hurts" my reply, "do you think it's all the halloween candy you ate?" sister bear says back, "yes, please take it out." hmmmmm, i think we're good to go as far as the next time she wants candy. ya, right. she had that orange pumpkin back in her hands the very next day, peeling open more chocolate in the backyard. i had to remind her of her night last night and tell her "candy, will be back next year". i don't blame her, i can use another butterfinger and wash it down with those mini dr. pepper's they were passing out. no, she did not drink one. i draw a line somewhere.

one of the the best night's was when we went to the "rodeo opry" i'll add a few photos from that night too (on a separate post -don't want to take away form halloween night), it was just so great to see both my children soak up the music with such passion. i couldn't keep brother bear from turning his entire body forward facing so he could bounce around to the music. sister bear was dancing in the aisle. we couldn't keep her seated. i never laughed so hard. i am pretty darn proud of her. then when it was all over, she stood in the aisle and told everyone "goodbye" as they passed her by. as if she was part of the opry welcoming committee!

ok, brother bear is crying, must go feed him.. goodnight.

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