Psalm 37:7

"Be still and rest in the LORD;

Wait for Him and patiently lean yourself upon Him."

-Psalm 37:7

Sunday, September 14, 2008

retreat/escape to noppy's house...

so last friday the bear cubs and i packed it up and went to noppy's for the weekend.....

papa bear thought it would be nice to catch up on work and we could catch up with my sis and check out her new apt. THEN we discovered that hurricane ike was headed towards us and that now we were packing for a trip to get out of harm's way. now normally i pack for a weekend like i am going out of the deep bear country for a few weeks, this was going to be different. i was packing like i didn't know when i was coming home. papa bear said to me as he was packing up my car for me, "are you leaving me?".

i had 3 suitcase; 1 large and 2 mid size ones along with a canvas bag full to the top with toiletries, a shopping bag full of snacks for the ride over and a plastic storage bin used at the last moment for an overflow of misc things i felt compelled to bring. THEN i packed 3 pillows; 1 kingsize and 2 standards, the boppy, a top sheet, blanket, porta crib, mattress for the porta crib + the bedding, 3 receiving blankets a stack of washcloths, 3 baby washcloths and 2 towels. now for the electronics, i packed my laptop, a portable dvd player with all my dvds (in a flip book -not in their cases), my camera with card reader. and last but not least the double stroller! my sister thought i was moving in. we managed to squeeze it all into her little apt and were cozy there for almost a week.

when we arrived to her house, we realized that the hurricane was reported to come her way. i couldn't believe it! but after keeping up with the reports, we quickly realized that it was going towards the central gulf and making landfall away from florida. unfortunately, texas paid for it instead. we keep you guys in our prayers.

photos of our getaway will be posted here soon.

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