Psalm 37:7

"Be still and rest in the LORD;

Wait for Him and patiently lean yourself upon Him."

-Psalm 37:7

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

jupiter farms brought out the sweetness

the sweetness
sweet cream
little sugar
little sweets

sunday papa bear and i decided to drive up to jupiter for the night to get out of town with the little ones. we got a room at a hotel near the wharf and got up the next day to explore. we are just looking ahead, maybe we can make jupiter farms a future home? we don't know, it's why we are just exploring. we have always loved even the simplest adventures. we miss our camping days, and until we can do that comfortably in the environment we are accustom to, these little overnight or weekend getaways to the nearby areas will have to do.

dinner the night we got there was quaint at "nick's tomato pie"... sister bear practiced her best "out-to-dinner-manners".

so we drove around and checked out some neighborhoods we might be interested in. we found some lovable areas and even saw some people just cruising the dirt roads on their horses. we saw these 3 little girls maybe in the age range of 10-12 years old, just barefoot and riding their ponies. sister bear was immediately drawn to them and said she wanted to ride a pony too. oh, would i have loved to of given her that wish on the spot!

the community of jupiter farms is an area with ranch properties and has this lovely feel of family. it has it's own school too -i like that! yes, i've already checked it out. again, we are just exploring this option. it's nice to know we have options, right?

with all the driving around, we needed to get out of the car and feel our legs again, so we decided to take a little walk around the grocery store and get some coffee. we walked in to the local publix, a grocery store known to most of florida. this one has a very warm and inviting feeling as soon as you walk through the doors. most publix markets have this same feeling, but i was happy to know it existed here too at the farms. i love my grocery shopping, so if i possibly lived here, i had to know that i'd be graced with a great experience. anyway, sister bear got to walk with us instead of sitting in the cart like she usually does, since the point of this stop was to shake off our sea legs. she roamed along side of us and you know, like most little ones fancy free, she found some things that caught her eye. one of the ladies who worked there gave her a pink balloon with a yellow string to wear on her wrist, she was so excited. and then she spotted a bag of popcorn and had to add it to her bag of goodies on her scavenger hunt. so we eventually made our way to the coffee machine, daddy brewed us up 2 cups, perfectly the way we wanted -his was strong, 2 creams, 2 sugars -mine was medium, 3 creams, 3 sugars. so while waiting for mine to brew up, i asked papa bear, "how's the sweetness?" (wondering how sweet 2 sugars in his coffee tasted) papa bear, being the naturally funny guy that he is, answered, "how's the sweetness?".. "well, thanks for asking, the sweetness is just fine, how are you?" we laughed and continued to call him, THE SWEETNESS. so i told him, honey, you know that's your new nickname, right? we agreed! then we named the rest of the bunch.......

whether we move to jupiter farms or not, it left a sweet taste in our mouths.

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