Psalm 37:7

"Be still and rest in the LORD;

Wait for Him and patiently lean yourself upon Him."

-Psalm 37:7

Monday, August 11, 2008

wax on... wax off...

back at the treehouse.....

it's nice to be sitting in my kitchen enjoying my quiet cup of coffee, alone.

sister bear is in her highchair eating and brother bear is in his swing.. swinging and dosing off to sleep. it's a nice moment to catch up. we had a weekend of "lets get this house in order". i always feel so productive when we have a weekend like this. with recently moving and having alot of our things in storage it has been a gradual process of loading things in, unpacking and then having the award winning sense of knowing where to put it all.

papa bear is a genius when it comes to rearranging a room 7 times over and then finding that perfect placement. who knew that chair could live there? or wow, i never imagined we could put a table over there. it's amazing and very helpful. i have enough puzzles in my mind. i know he does too, he's just better in that area than i am. i'll hang the pictures on the walls and create dinner, now i always have those puzzle pieces in my back pocket.

yesterday was one of those "CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!" days. i say this to papa bear when i just need a breather. he knows and always gives me the "aw" release... and then i can resume the chaos and feel as if i was actually abducted by the calgon gods for a moment. they don't keep me for very long, but i can't complain, they come when i need them.

so i have baby bear in my arms, i am backward bending into the washer to transfer clothes to the dryer, sister bear needs "something NOW!" and i am organizing the kitchen, remember we are in "unload and find a place for it" mode. so as i am onto my next task, i have this problem with being rachael ray when she collects all her ingredients for her recipe and stacks it all in one bowl doing it in one swoop, to save herself the time from making multiple trips back and forth to the fridge and cabinets. well, lets add that i am also accident prone and usually make a mess along the way of cleaning a mess maybe that has already been made by my two year old. so i had a coffee can of hot oil cooling on the counter and it had cooled down and now i was making my way to the fridge with it. trying to recycle! ya! well, maybe not so much.. remember, baby bear in one hand and sister bear still screaming at me for her "hello kitty movie"! i grab the can of oil, thinking, "i am going to cross this off the list once i get it in the fridge".. and as i place the lid on the can and (slow motion) i open the fridge door, guess what happens? yep, the can slips from my grip and it's if i decided to impulsively wax my kitchen floor in the middle of madness and chaos for the heck of it! i wanted to lay in it and scream and cry and kick my feet around like a BIG BABY! it stunned sister bear and hello kitty went out the window. sister bear says to me, "mommy, it's ok, daddy will clean it up." that sounded so nice except that papa bear was at the store replenishing our essentials for the week. tomorrow's monday, we need our orange juice, moosey (what we call milk in our house) and yogurt in the morning.

sister bear does know what to say to make me feel better in moments like this...

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