Psalm 37:7

"Be still and rest in the LORD;

Wait for Him and patiently lean yourself upon Him."

-Psalm 37:7

Friday, August 1, 2008

make believe

sister bear: "mama, can i jump in my book?"
mama bear: "what?"
sister bear: "pleeeeease!? can i jump in my book with kitties?"
mama bear: "do you want to be in the story?"
sister bear: "yes! i want to play with kitties"
mama bear: "ok, show me what you want to do"

sister bear jumps on her book opened to a page with kitties playing and feels apart of the story.. she's so happy! what an imagination.

reminds me of being a little girl and loving the bionic woman and wanting to jump into the tv so i could be apart of the show. i wore knee high zipped up boots every day with my dresses. i told my mother, "i'm gonna jump thru the tv, i'm the bionic woman!" i also had plans of jumping aisles in the supermarket. i had the powers! oh children and their imaginations.

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