Psalm 37:7

"Be still and rest in the LORD;

Wait for Him and patiently lean yourself upon Him."

-Psalm 37:7

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

FAY should we fear you?

well, we are back from our little road trip. not realizing we were driving into what we later found out was a "tropical storm watch" headed towards charlotte county. hmmmm, what were we thinking? vacay! until i dropped into my local grocery store in my old neck of the woods, to say hi to tom in produce, our favorite balloon giving friend. he mentioned the news and i couldn't believe it. when i got to the car i told papa bear and once we got to our friends for dinner, it was the hot topic of the evening!

well, we decided to stay an extra day to see how things were going and eventually get back in time to be out of the storm. we made it, taking our back way through clewiston and away from the highway and "alligator alley" a death trap on a normal day. we made it home safely, even though we drove through some bad weather, we found it thrilling and sang along to the hum of our own voices; papa bear in the front driving, while sister bear and i harmonized in the backseat. brother bear had his usual snooze all the way home while pearl nervously and restlessly paced around the truck -she doesn't enjoy road trips like she used to in her more youthful years. we made the best of it!

we had a great weekend; visits with our great friends stacey and gregg for dinner at their home, they also were generous in letting us stay in their vacation rental -so lovely. stacey is a dear friend of mine! sherry was in town from california gathering the rest of her things, so we had some time together, not enough time -i miss her already.

it was great catching up and seeing familiar faces that i love. we went to noppy's and had a yummy starbucks run and silly moments with family -stuggy misses you noppy.

then on sunday we went to our old church for some grace and fed our souls some goodness. sister bear was very happy about being back at church, since we haven't found one near our new place yet.

sister bear got to play with some old friends, one day it was with logan and the next day we went over to our wonderful friends, the smiths and sister bear played with isabella while papa bear and i had great conversation with renee and chris. sister bear was given her first "dress up" costumes handed down from isabella. these are very special and will be played with using nothing but whimsical make believe and a magical imagination. sister bear also loved meeting her new pals, "the lizard friends". they lived outside the bedroom window of where we were staying. she watched them climb up and down the glass and decided that they were a baby/daddy pair. notice one of the last photos posted of her in the window. stacey, you should appreciate seeing this.... thanks again, for creating a blissful place for us to call home away from home for the weekend.

papa bear got to take our boat out a couple of times, once with pearl and the other on the night of a full moon -awwwww peaceful paradise for him.

brother bear giggled everywhere we took him, he even enjoyed the music and singing in church. he traveled around in mama bear's snugli as much as possible!

i feel refreshed and loved being with my loving little family. as sister bear loves to say while hugging her brother and mama together, "i love you guys!"

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