Psalm 37:7

"Be still and rest in the LORD;

Wait for Him and patiently lean yourself upon Him."

-Psalm 37:7

Sunday, July 27, 2008

table for two please!

Papa bear and I met on the evening of May 16th 2000. Papa bear was working as a waiter at the Famous Jerry's deli in Studio City, Ca. I came in with my good friend, Stacy for some coffee and some late night gossip, fun, etc. When we were blessed with a hot waiter, hiding underneath a black baseball cap with the "Jerry's" logo. He seemed a bit shy, but charmed the pants off both, Stacy and I. (not literally) He flirted, we flirted back, not sure who was really flirting with who. It was really just a fun, light moment between 3 people. Stacy and I both very into astrology, tried to guess Papa bear's sign. We were both absolute about him being an Aries or a Pisces, I guess some wishful thinking on my end, since I had a strong attraction to both those signs in the past. But after literally going through the entire 12 astrological signs, Stacy and I learned real quick that we needed to read up a bit more on the characteristics of a male "TAURUS". It was very funny, I never like to be proven wrong on my astrology guessing. But I swallowed my pride in the most humble way, winning Papa bear's smile and the famous question an attractive man asks an attractive woman he'd like to date... "Are you seeing anyone?" I was beside myself with flattery and had to catch my breath, because I had been staring at Papa bear's gorgeous, strong, attractive hands all night. I went home that evening with a smile that was as wide as the golden gate bridge. I had left papa bear with my phone number to my pager, for him to use as he'd like. The very next day, he paged me by leaving a voice mail, for me to listen to all day. Later that evening, I paged papa bear back and he called to say that he was about to board a plane to Hawaii and maybe we could meet for coffee. I turned him down as I was glued to my sister's tv, watching the much anticipated finale to my favorite show, "Beverly Hills 90210". A show my sister and I had religiously watched since the first day it aired, 10 years prior. There was no way, I'd bow out for a coffee with a beautiful man I could possibly have a fantastic future and spend the rest of my life with. NO WAY! So I said, "I'll just see you when you get back, have a fun trip!"

our lovely wedding day in kern, california -may 4, 2002

8 years later.... We are happily married for 6 years and parents to two of the most beautiful children (our little bear cubs). The photo on the top of my blog speaks for itself. Life is good in "Bear Country"!

photo taken in the keys, brother bear's first family vacation. may 2008

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