Psalm 37:7

"Be still and rest in the LORD;

Wait for Him and patiently lean yourself upon Him."

-Psalm 37:7

Thursday, July 31, 2008

dinner tonight:

organic pot roast! -slowly cooked

MY MADE UP RECIPE: you can alter to your liking

2 1/2 lbs organic bottom round roast (or your choice of meat, i like to try different cuts)

1 big organic sweet yellow onion sliced pretty

1 carton of organic mushrooms (your choice) sliced

4-5 organic red potatoes chopped into pieces

about 10 organic baby carrots, don't forget to eat a few while prepping (for good eyesight)

about 10 dehydrated tomato slices scattered for color (i'm lucky enough to have a grocery market that likes to dehydrate whatever they can, use whatcha got!)

fresh minced organic garlic scattered to your preference (i like alot -i'm italian)

1 can or carton of organic mushroom soup (i usually use half a cup to a cup of organic heavy cream)

garlic salt on roast and then scatter around the pot

italian seasoning scattered around pot to lift the flavor of everything (i promise you, i am not rachael ray -just like to have free flowing fun in the kitchen. i usually make stuff up as i go along. my italian grandmother was famous for cooking this way, so i inherited her fun cooking ways. plus it makes cooking more adventurous. everything is about presentation for me! ask my husband, even his sandwiches are fancy. he loves it. notice how i am rambling when i start telling you to add the italian seasoning, if you could see me, i'm talking with my hands.) ok, next ingredient.....

curry powder just a dash (it makes most recipes complete and gives each recipe just enough mystery to the taste buds)

soy sauce just a couple dashes (you can choose to omit this one if you are concerned w/too much sodium.)

salt and pepper to taste -here a pinch there a pinch, everywhere a pinch pinch, old mcdonald.... oops i'm used to singing with sister bear!

1/2 cup of sherry (feel free to pour yourself a glass of wine -at dinner)

1 cup of water (i use reversed osmosis, it's your choice on this one)

*optional 1 packet of dry onion soup by lipton, i use the kosher stuff!

ok, now lets cook this deelish dish we are about to call dinner tonight!

cook on HIGH for 5-6 hours or on LOW for 7-8 hours. a few hours into it, you will start to enjoy the aroma that fills your home. trust me, i lift the lid a few times to sip the yummy juices.

serve this with steamed organic broccoli and garlic bread or just bread will do! mashed potatoes are another great side dish and corn on the cob are a favorite in my household.

buono appetito

cooked in my new crock pot that i purchased from QVC while in the hospital after i delivered brother bear. i'm sentimental! everytime i cook in it -it's not just a crock pot; it was bought in the middle of the night while i was waiting for the nurse to bring brother bear in, my wrapped little burrito, so i could feed him. the nurses would take him in the nursery only late at night, so i could get a few hours of sleep. they were the best!

my little bundle, he loves his sissy's favorite bear. starting to teeth!

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